Ceramic Workshop

Bornholm – the island of craft and art

The island has been attracting artists and craft artists for over a century, and a large number of craft artists, working with a wide variety of materials, now live here.

Bright Park Bornholm makes it possible for visiting ceramic artists from Denmark and abroad to visit and work in this unique environment.

The ceramics workshop is set up in a large, bright factory hall in a former furniture factory in Nexø.

The workshop is well-equipped and comprise a total of five workshop spaces

Bright Park Bornholm has an accommodation area with rooms that share a kitchen and lounge.

Work facilities:

The ceramics workshop is well-equipped with a large self-contained plaster workshop containing all the facilities for this. There are also four electric wheels, a vacuum kneading machine, sheet rollers, spray booths, clay mixers with filter presses, etc.

There is also a large electric kiln (1,500-litre capacity) for large-scale projects.

Technical facilities:


Scandia (2 kilns), 50 litres, electric top kilns. Maximum temp.: 1300°C.

Scandia (1 kiln), 300 litres, electric kiln. Maximum temp. 1300°C.

Pug mills, 2

Spray booths, 2

Electric wheels, 4

Sheet roller


Well-appointed plaster room with plaster wheel, casting equipment, etc.

Hand tools and raw materials are not included.

Practical information for the ceramics workshops:

The facilities are designed for professional ceramic artists who work independently.

The workshops are open 24 hours a day, all year round.

The artists in residence must bring their own materials, which could potentially be jointly purchased  with other artists in residence.

Electricity for firing the kilns will be charged on the basis of a meter reading.

No workshop assistant is connected with the workshop, but a technical contact can be referred to.

The workshop’s equipment is covered by the general insurance terms and conditions, but this does not cover broken drill bits or ruined grinding discs for which the artist is personally liable. The insurance does not cover materials brought in to the workshop or the artist’s own works of art.

The workshop facilities are also available for hire for teaching purposes.


Work space                                                                                     1532,00  kr/month

Work space and room:

High season (1/7 – 8/8)                                                                   5500,00 kr/month

Rest of the year                                                                                4332,00 kr/month.



For a stay longer than 3 months, 3 month rent    


For artists with a work space firing will cost  2,81 kr/kWh.

For guests – only using the kilns -  4,50 kr/kWh